Founded in Brooklyn, New York by Mick Kelly and Sue Williams in September 2012, Makers Toolbox create wildly entertaining construction kits designed to set children’s imaginations on fire. Featuring everything you’ll need to create your own drawing robot or aeronautical vehicle, these toys-to-be teach kids to be hands-on, resourceful and inventive.

Makers Toolbox DIY kits for kids are fun, affordable, and educational. Each kit contains simple, easy-to-understand electronic components. Putting them together is a fun project, and the result is a cool gadget that you can play with again and again. 

Mick and Sue also lead Spiderfish, a maker collaborative in Dublin, Ireland and Red Hook Makerspace in Brooklyn, NY. Mick and Sue have worked in partnership with the Irish government and educational institutions since 2007 and have delivered robot workshops to over 12,000 young makers. Their goal is to provide learning environments rich with possibilities, serving as gathering points where communities of new and experienced makers connect to work on real and meaningful projects, using new technologies and traditional tools. 


We believe in inspiration, creativity, making.
Our focus is to ensure these values are shared by both young and old.
Our products embrace these philosophies.
Keep creating. Keep striving. Keep making.

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